~!Lolly Loki!~

Monday, January 15, 2007

Hello my dear friends, i'm back~!

I'm growing fat, i just cant resist the food temptation. What to do! I am glutton!!!!!!!!!! Give me more food, more and more.. Oh yeah!!!! Mama had uploaded my fat fat pictures up here, how idiot she is to show other my ugly pic. = (

(Mama said "can you see how fat he is", hahahahaha) You see, my mama is crazy.

I'm a beautiful fat boy~!!

Yes, are you calling me???

I'm in the past..... Retro? haHa... Stupid mama...

Mama wants to show you how i fetch a ball.. She said i'm very violent, keep scratching her.

Friday, January 05, 2007

I've been tagged new year resolution~!

I have been tagged by Missy Sunshade to list 5 New Year's Resolution. Of course, I will have to tag five more friends after I am done listing mine.

My Resolutions for 2007 are:

1) A lot of delicacies for me as I have been eating the same old food again and again. Is either chicken or lamb plus potatoes and carrots, get pretty bored by it.

2) I want to go out to walk more often as I have been staying at home whole day long~! Feel
kinda torpid.

3) Can roam around the apartment freely as for now I only can run around my playpen when there is no one at home.

4) I want a new bed

5) Hmmm lastly, I think I will hope for the same thing as I wish on my christmas. That is new TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the most important....

I've tagged
Carbi & Aramis