~!Lolly Loki!~

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yes, is me

Hello all my dear friends, my mum is finally free to update my dusty blog. My coat has "bloom" out, i am looking more and more like Shetland but a smaller version of Shetland. I think is all because of genetic problem, I am quite small compare to a normal size Shetland. Anyway my silly mum is going crazy again as she keeps putting something on my head which i dont know what is it, i wanna take a look but she just put on my head without my permission. The worst thing is she kept on taking pictures of me with that weird things!

That's the weird thing!!! What is that??

I kept on struggling but the thing just dont go off!! My mum still laugh at me.. she is devil!!!!!

I'm tired after struggling, my tired face!!

Do you all know what is gai gai? It mean going out to walk!!! I love going out to walk as i can go wherever i want to and can get out for fresher air and get rid of my mum!! heHe.. My idiot mum keeps testing me as she keeps saying gai gai to me and you should know that i am sensitive to that word.

This is how my mum treats me, can i bring her to court? Suing her of abusing me.. haHa..