~!Lolly Loki!~

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

2th post on me

Hi! Is there anyone miss me?? I want to update on my blog but papa very lazy and busy to take picture of me, i have got no choice but to post those old pictures. I miss mama as this week she is not able to see me that often. Papa always beat me as he said when i am happy and wanting to get attention, i will bark non stop but papa because i want you to know that i am happy. Dont beat me okay? Or else I will bite you like i bite mama.

Am i pretty? Oops.. I am a boy!

I look happy with my bone bone.. But i don't feel contented with the toys i have because i want MORE.. haha

This is how i eat my meal everyday, do i look handsome in this video? The quality not really nice, but still able to see me right..

That's all the pictures that mama has now, she is waiting for papa to take picture of me.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Hey Hey.. I'm Loki

Hi everyone i'm Loki, currently three months old. I have a papa, mama, gong gong and po po, they are really nice people. Today mama helped me create a new blog for me and took some pictures on me. Mama said this blog will be on my growing process, she will post a lot of pictures so when i have grow up they can show me all those pictures and how naughty am i.

Just now mama wanted to take picture on me but when she walked out and saw me playing with the newspaper, she scolded me and took down the evidence:

I cant do anything but to sit there to smile at her to appease her, whatever i did i just smile at them and they wouldnt beat me because i'm cute. HeHe..
I feel so happy to see mama come in the playpen to play with me, because papa and mama always go out left me, po po and gong gong at home.

When mama see me smiling at her, she feels happy and she kept on taking picture on me but when i saw her hand i feel like biting as her fingers look so juicy to me.

Mama is angry with me because i always bite people's hand, she left me in my playpen. I feel sad, so i just got to wait for them to play with me.

But i am always alert for any intruder and that's make them feel good to keep me, am i clever?? I am a bright kid!!