~!Lolly Loki!~

Saturday, March 31, 2007

back for more action

My this lazy mum finally update my blog, she told me she is busy that is why she did not update but i think she is just simply lazy to update. I think my mum is crazy she put me on top of my carrier and ask me to act like superman but i have height phobia, i am afraid i might fall down and break my bone below is the evidence:

I'm force to smile!!!

Mum and dad did bring me down for walk, but they walk too slow so i've got to slow down because of them. I'm anxious and excited as they seldom bring me down but i have got to walk slow slow.. =(

I looked so big...

This is my side view..

This is overall side view.. I really look like a big dog in all these pictures, in actual i am just a small dog.. haHa..

I was deep in my thought, thinking of those happy moments with my family. Thinking of my friends in DWB, thinking of everything..

Hey you friends!!! This is my way of greeting all my friends... HEY you!! haHa.. But actually, i was hey-ing my mum because she took my pictures without my permission.. haHa..

And my the way, i'm a member of "The Dog". Are you?

Friday, March 09, 2007

Anyone miss me??

Finally my mum is asking her lazy bones to work and she is here to upload all my pictures. As i mention in my last post that I was sick, we took a taxi down to the vet. I felt that I had never been in a car before as Mum and Dad often put me in the carrier and put inside the taxi. I love looking outside of the car, it seems like I have never seem so many cars before.

This is me when i was inside a taxi, seems like i've got tons of things to say.

Have you seen a patch of white fur? That's the symbol of Loki and that's me, haHa, my mum said that i was engrossed in looking at those moving vehicals.

I think my mum is sick because she put me on top of my carrier, she knew that i have height phobia but she still put me there. By the way, do i look like superman?? *haHa*

Everybody said i look damn handsome in this picture but i just find it so-so. I am becoming more and more handsome, all thanks to my family who give me so much loves and taking good care of me. This is not a makeover picture but it do look like it.

I've recovered from my illness and i am smiling happily to my family and of cause to all my friends.