~!Lolly Loki!~

Sunday, October 15, 2006

First outing~!

Before talking about my first outing, i had a new collar and leash.

Do i look pretty?? I am a pretty boy!!

Yeah!! Mama and Papa brought me out to walk walk but got to walk with the leash, poor me..

Look straight~!

Look to the left~!

Mama and Papa brought me to the playground, they put me on the slide.

Ready to slide down..


Here is the video of the playing slide process, Mama and Papa are crazy people.. HeHe

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Here comes the third post!!

Mama and Papa bought me a new leash and collar but i really dont like as i have never put on something that has bell on it sound very irritating, i wanted to pull out but i cant as it is attached to the collar. Everybody wants me to walk with them on leash but i refuse as i dont like people to pull me go around with them, mama took down the video and show you all.

It is very irritating that why mama and papa want me to walk with them with such an extra thing.

Oh by the way, my cough had recovered and i have been vaccinated. One more week and i am able to go out and play, hooray!! But papa said i am too small to go out as when they bought they collar for me, i cant fit in so they have to think of a way to make the collar become smaller and put on my neck.

That is my vaccination card, cool?

I wanted to go out but mama used the leash to pull me.. :(

I stood up and wait for mama to put down the leash so that i can run out of her, HAHAHA!!!

The newspaper looks delicious to me and it has a lot of babe there, can i bite them?