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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sad Sad!!

I've had another Shetland friend in Singapore but heard from my mum that he had just passed away. He is 6 years and 4 months old this year, a handsome doggie. And his name is Lashley, such a nice name. He had suffer from blood disease, if i did not hear wrongly. What a pity! My mum said that she will post his picture here when she got his picture upload to her computer.

Another of my friends went to rainbow bridge, I hope that they can live happily there. Without any suffering, any pain. And of course, No worry!!!


  • I'm so sorry to hear about Lashley, Loki! It's so hard to lose our friends.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

    By Blogger Maggie & Mitch, at 11/16/2007 1:04 AM  

  • I was checking in to see how you are doing.

    By Blogger Turbo the Sibe, at 3/16/2008 4:24 AM  

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  • w00f's loki, happy barkday wherever u iz...me hopes u has many more>.>

    b safe,

    By Blogger Lacy, at 6/12/2008 11:43 PM  

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